System Integration & Application Management

System Integration

The complex legacy systems that organizations have developed to support traditional corporate applications are increasingly in conflict with the idea of conducting business in the Internet age and satisfying demanding customer needs. Organizations can no longer take years to design and develop All-inclusive applications or integrate existing systems. Systems are expected to be available virtually immediately, provide exceptional functionality, maintain flexibility, and operate flawlessly. Systems integration is the key to meeting all these goals and developing business solutions for today's competitive economy.

Systems integration is the process of bringing together technology components to support a business solution and ensuring that the components work in a unified way. It is part of a much larger business solution development effort, one that includes activities such as business process re-engineering, change management, and transition management.

Silicon eSoftcom specializes in providing systems integration services for a variety of technology platforms, bringing together hardware, software and consulting that ensures proven business solutions for today's information technology environment. Silicon eSoftcom provides a single point of contact for open systems technology products and services that are critical to your business success. Silicon eSoftcom specializes in providing system integration services to meet the unique needs defined with each client, including:

System Level Consolidation Knowledge Management Configuration Support Database Infrastructure Performance Monitoring System Conversion Capacity Planning Storage Management Server and Network Configuration and Installation Systems, Network, Database and Application Management

Silicon eSoftcom is a diverse group of certified professionals including management, sales, marketing, and systems engineers, with strategic partnerships providing additional resources to complement and enrich our consultants technical expertise. Through extensive experience, skilled consultants and close working relationships with industry leaders in technology products, Silicon eSoftcom delivers an expert understanding of systems integration issues and solutions.

Application Management

In order to survive, businesses have to cut costs whilst remaining focused on their core business. There is a need to remain competitive and respond quickly to new growth opportunities, including e-business. IT issues are an unnecessary deflection. IT needs to be flexible enough to react quickly to new requirements. If IT is not your core competency, or it is not providing sufficient return on investment, then a new approach is needed.

The Solution

Silicon eSoftcom Application Portfolio Management (APM) Service provides and manages the IT resourcesrequired to continue the operational viability, technical currency and functional effectiveness of a portfolio of business applications. Including both the Support and ongoing Enhancement of your application portfolio, Silicon eSoftcom consulting works collaboratively with you long term, to ensure that your business applications deliver real and quantifiable benefits to your business. Our APM services have benefited from our relationships with clients who consider applications not only as mission critical to their operation but also as a way to achieve competitive differentiation and improve customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits

Reduction and control of operating costs Enables the internal IT organization to be lean, flexible and focused on core competencies Access to, and management of, innovation Access to the best, and appropriate, skills and resources Shared risk Clear return on IT investment linked to real business outcomes